Hello! My name is

Ethan Myers

Linguist. Data scientist. Dungeon Master.

I'M Passionate About Programming, Graphics And Photography

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Hello! I am a linguist, data scientist, and professional Dungeon Master.

My love of language led me to pursue a PhD in Linguistics at Northwestern University, where I worked as a member of the Syntax, Semantics, & Sentence Processing lab conducting research on ellipsis and language structure. I combine these themes into my work on data science and Large Language Models to better understand how to make our digital tools more intuitive and safe for human usage.

During the pandemic, I started a business with my wife: Lyres for Hire aims to connect people with storytelling, offering bespoke Dungeons & Dragons campaigns for private and corporate clients in the Chicago area.

Besides language, I also enjoy hot coffees, peaty scotches, art museums, and relaxing with my wife and cat.

“Speak to a man in a language he knows and you speak to his head. Speak to him in his language and you speak to his heart.” – Nelson Mandela